We Work with Individuals, Couples, Families and Children

At Nugent we use innovative therapy approaches so you can focus on what you love about being a family. Our team is available for any combination of individual, family, and couples therapy. We realize your needs may change as you grow and learn. That’s why we are always open to modifying who comes to sessions and techniques used. Couples, marriage and family therapy works and is worth the investment. We want your family to leave feeling closer and ready to live your best lives together.

Family Counseling

Families come first, but that does not always make family life easy. Our family counseling teaches skills to work through the most difficult challenges families face. No matter your family makeup, we will get to work right away so you can get back to a happier home.

Marriage or Couples Therapy

A marriage therapist can be a beneficial addition to any couple relationship. We help newly married, married, divorcing couples, and happy couples prevent and deal with problems. Couples therapy will give you skills to set goals, listen, support, and love each other or make your ending relationship more amiable. 

Child Therapy

Your child may need therapy. That’s a tough realization to come to, or have stated to you. Luckily, our child therapy is based on real-world, empathetic techniques. Soon you will be looking back at and see that realization as a blessing. Our therapists are safe and approachable. You can feel comfortable sending your child to talk with us. Together we will get your child to a place where they can be happy and healthy.

Individual Therapy

Often we do not realize how important it is to take the time to focus on ourselves and our growth. One on one therapy allows a therapist to focus solely on you and your story. Our individualistic approaches will give you guidance to overcome obstacles and challenges in your life.

Teen Counseling

Growing up presents many developmental challenges to all adolescents. Some face bigger issues and traumatic experiences. Bringing your teen in for therapy is an important way to set them up for success. In counseling teens, we work through tough issues and build confidence. We facilitate communication with parents so you can enjoy these important years together.


Neurofeedback solutions work for adults and children. Neurofeedback is a solutions that has been proven to work for many Individuals who struggle with stress or learning disorders can find improvement.  Individuals who suffer from emotional related disorders can use Neurofeedback to reduce the pain and find healing.  Another area that it we offer Neurofeedback is for High Performance Training to anyone who wants to become a peak performer in their Sport, Music, schooling,  or Career.