No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship. Abuse can be emotional, spiritual, physical or anytime someone is manipulating you to maintain control. Any type of abuse will have a negative impact on your life and keep you from happiness. Our skilled therapists rely on a variety of techniques to get you the best help and onto a new life as soon as possible. We can help any victim become a survivor.

Individuals experiencing abuse or recovering from abuse in their past need the help of a therapist to deal with wounds and move on. If you are avoiding seeking help for fear of repercussions from the abuser, please still reach out. Your therapist will listen and empower you to identify abuse cycles and give you the courage to leave a dangerous relationship if you haven’t already.  

Emotional abuse is often hard to distinguish and often goes unseen. It may come from a spouse, partner, parent or another person using verbal attacks, intimidation, bullying, isolation or other manipulation. In some cases, this happens so subtly and intangibly the abuser or victim may not be fully aware that abuse is happening. Spiritual abuse often occurs when a person exercises their authority or dominion over another. Your mental and emotional health depend on you getting help when needed.

Physical abuse can come from dramatic outbursts resulting in harm and pain. While the abuse may be immediate, the effects and suffering can last a long time. If you have suffered from physical abuse, no matter how long ago, you are likely experiencing emotional challenges. The support of a qualified and caring therapist will help you recover.

Abuse therapy should be as custom and unique as your situation. Group therapy is a common form of treatment for those who have suffered from emotional abuse. You may find identifying with others who have experienced similar abuse helpful and therapeutic. Entering therapy can help you take back self-esteem and worth from your abuser. You may feel empowered enough to leave a relationship if you haven’t already. Your therapist can provide ways to safely exit dangerous situations if needed. A family therapist can be helpful to bring to light problems within the family relationships, especially if abuse is coming from a parent or sibling. No matter the type or timing of abuse, we can help you find peace.