Anger is a powerful force and emotion. If you or someone you know has difficulty controlling their anger, you’re probably all too familiar with the damage it can leave in its wake. With the help of a professional therapist you can learn the cause of your anger and how to manage it. We can help turn the heat you experience into feelings of control.

Emotional outbursts, violent aggression, and persistent feelings of frustration can keep you from enjoying life. Anger management is difficult when you don’t know or understand where the anger is coming from. Sometimes you don’t realize you have a problem until your actions have escalated beyond your control. Anger can also be a defense mechanism to avoid feelings you don’t want to experience. With the help of a therapist, you can learn the source of your frustration.

Life will continue to come with it stresses and conflict. Therapy for your anger management will help you see your anger triggers from a distance and give you ways to try and avoid them or cope with them. You need to feel empowered for problems and unexpected events. With the help of anger counseling and your support system you will feel improvement both mentally and physically. We want you and those around you to feel comfortable, safe, and able to enjoy life.