Your career is one of the most important aspects of your adult life. An unsatisfying career can quickly lead to an unsatisfying life. Here in Silicon Valley, we are familiar with the stresses of jobs and careers. We know how to deal with work related anxiety and turn pressure into opportunities.

Career counseling can help you choose, change, or leave a career. No matter what stage of your professional development you are in therapy can help you make the most of your skills and work. Embarking on a new job can bring relocation depression, fears, and anxieties. A skilled therapist can help you work through each obstacle a new opportunity brings and help you be prepared when more changes arise.

When you’ve found fulfillment in your career and the people you work with, the rest of your life will seem much more manageable. Even after thoroughly researching considering a new job, you never know what to expect until work begins. A therapist can help you face each day with confidence in yourself and your decision. The relationship between you and your employer or others you work with is key to your success. Team conflict resolution can be beneficial when personalities, vision, backgrounds and other characteristics collide. Achieving a healthy work-life balance is essential to mental well-being. A counselor can give you an outside perspective into how to most effectively spend your work time and your personal time, and how the two worlds can complement one another.