We lead demanding lives. Some mental and emotional strain is normal. But when your overall happiness and daily function are affected, it’s time to get help. Knowing the signs of depression, anxiety, and ADHD can help identify if you or a loved one are suffering. These issues can be overwhelming and draining on individuals and their support systems. Whether the symptoms are recent or ongoing, psychotherapy can start providing relief quickly.


Depression is more than just occasional sadness. It isn’t a weakness or something you can overcome by simply “cheering up”. There are many misconceptions about depression and lots of ways to experience it. Seeing a loved one lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed can be heartbreaking and confusing. Or when feelings of self-doubt and despair keep you from your regular life, you might feel like it is time to reach out to one of our counselors. Counseling for depression brings light to lives and situations that are feeling dark. Do not be discouraged. Most people with depression feel better with psychological counseling. Our therapists are able to help those suffering find the beauty awoken by their pain.


Anxiety can keep you from the life you want. Apprehension, self-doubt, and nervousness will damage your relationships and keep you from healthy behaviors if allowed to. Because of its toll on your lives, anxiety is one of the most common ailments we treat. Our therapy will assist you in identifying the source of your anxieties. Whether it’s work-related anxiety, relocation anxiety, social anxiety, or anxiety stemming from anywhere else, we can help you. By engaging in a self-reflective process you will learn to understand your fears and ways to calm and soothe yourself. The support of a qualified therapist here at Nugent can reduce or eliminate symptoms in a short time. We will get you back to your life that you’re now in control of.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder can keep both children and adults from focusing on their best lives. If you or your child have symptoms of inattention, forgetfulness, emotional outbursts, impulsivity or hyperactivity, you know how even daily tasks can sometimes be impossible. ADD and ADHD will look different for every person. Our therapists can help you determine if your child’s behavior falls in the realm of youthful energy or if they need help. Or if your trouble focusing is more than just having too much to do. Therapy and behavior modification can center your attention on what is most important.