Domestic violence turns someone you love into someone you fear. In these very real and raw situations, the help of a caring professional can bring safety and resolution. Unhealthy relationships can take on many forms, sometimes hidden to outside observers. Therapy for abusive relationships can prevent violence before it starts or address problems that have gone on way too long. You need someone you can confide in and turn to for guidance. No matter the power or fear your partner is holding over you, you can get help and safety.

When one partner’s effort to gain and maintain control turns violent, intervention is needed immediately. Counseling will address any spousal or partner violence including physical or sexual violence, emotional or psychological abuse. Identifying the pattern of violence in a relationship is the first step toward a plan for safety. The impacts of anxiety, fear, and posttraumatic stress will impact your mental health and every aspect of your life. Counseling for domestic violence will help you build upon your strengths and give you the confidence to combat negative feelings.

Domestic violence therapy is available for victims, witnesses and survivors. Children who witness domestic abuse need emotional counseling. Trauma, when left unaddressed, can potentially lead to mental health issues and scars throughout adulthood. It is common for witnesses to develop unhealthy behaviors to cope with violent scenes. Dealing appropriately with wounds will give children the opportunities to heal in their childhood. Therapy can bring stability to their lives and help prevent a child finding themselves in a similar situation of their own as an adult. Play therapy is a technique used at Nugent for children having difficulty verbalizing their feelings. This therapy encourages parents to interact with their children on their path to improved behavior and coping. Other practices like art therapy, music therapy, and animal-assisted therapy bring a creative outlet for children and adults to deal with harsh experiences.