Mastering interactions with the hostile, aggressive, and difficult parents

  • Do parental demands and expectations emotionally drain you?
  • Do you become more concerned about parental demands than the needs of the student?
  • Do you feel your enthusiasm for teaching dimming?

Find passion and joy in teaching again by learning how to effectively address unsupportive parents. During a Parental Pressure Workshop, our Marriage and Family Therapist will guide you through the tools and skills you need to immediately and effectively address the spectrum of difficult parents.

  • Learn the four Dos and Don’ts to reclaiming your power as an educator
  • Learn three steps to identifying and stopping unproductive parental interactions
  • Learn how to minimize or eliminate negative parental interactions so you can thrive in your career

This course is NOT just about theory — during the class we will hear a recording of an actual interaction between a hostile parent and teacher, and learn how to diffuse and respond for a positive outcome.

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Four Do's & Don'ts:

Do’s: Clear, Concise, Confident & Loving
Don’t: Prove, Convince, Defend & Retaliate

Three Steps to Ending Parental Pressure:

1. Recognize/Stop the “Bad Teacher Equation.”
2. Respond to the correct concern.
3. Make the child the most important thing in the conversation.

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