Grief and Loss

When someone or something you love is taken away, it is painful. Grief is a natural reaction to a loss of any kind. You may experience many kinds of difficult emotions. The death of a loved one is often the cause for the most intense grief. But suffering can come from any other significant loss such as losing a relationship, health, financial stability, or safety after trauma. Emotional suffering is normal. There may be times when you may feel the pain and sadness will never let up. That’s when the help of a professional therapist can help get you through those overwhelming feelings. While there is no right or wrong way to grieve, grief counseling can give you healthy ways to cope with the pain.  We will help you give yourself renewal you and ability to move on.

Self Esteem

Life presents enough obstacles, you don’t need to be one to yourself. Self-esteem is the extent of confidence, respect, and value we feel in ourselves. How you see yourself will affect your well-being and ability to have a productive life. Self-esteem is learned in childhood and many factors can inhibit its development. Getting children and adolescents suffering from their critical regard of themselves will help them grow socially and developmentally. In adulthood, even a previously solid self-esteem can be challenged by life changes and stressors. Therapy can help put traumatic events in perspective and give you the resilience to believe in yourself.