Let’s Talk About Sex: How Sex Therapy Can Help You Reconnect with Your Partner

Therapists discusses sex with patient.

When you’re experiencing relationship problems, you might find that your bedroom connection with your partner suffers as well. When you don’t have a healthy sex life, coping with the challenges of intimacy is that much harder.

Talking about sex isn’t always easy. That’s where you and your partner benefit from the support of a licensed therapist. Dr. Geoff Nugent and his team of mental health counseling experts provide sex therapy to new and existing patients from offices in San Jose, California, Los Gatos, California, and Reno, Nevada.

Could sex therapy through Nugent Family Counseling Center be what you and your partner need to reconnect and rekindle the most passionate parts of your relationship? Let’s talk it over, and find out more about what sex therapy could do to improve your life.

Individual sex therapy

Nugent Family Counseling Center provides sex therapy to individual clients. This type of therapy gives you a safe space to reflect on, discuss, and ask questions about your sexuality. You might want to work on your sexual relationship with a current partner, or revisit other experiences from your past, including traumas, in a supportive therapeutic environment.

We offer sex therapy to clients of all ages who may need mental health support in dealing with past sexual trauma, sex addiction, or questions around sexual orientation. Receiving individual sex therapy can be helpful for adults who want to connect better with their partners.

Couples sex therapy

The providers at Nugent Family Counseling Center can also facilitate couples sex therapy with you and your partner. We’re supportive of families of all gender and sexualities, including LGBTQ couples.

Couples sex therapy may involve using a variety of therapeutic techniques to open up to your partner about issues like body image, sexual history, and feelings of connection or disconnection in bed. Your provider at Nugent Family Counseling Center enlists different types of talk therapy depending on the needs that come up during your sessions.

In addition to talk therapy, techniques like neurofeedback may be helpful for you or your partner, especially if one or both of you are affected by mental health conditions like anxiety or depression. Neurofeedback retrains your brain, opening up new pathways for mental activity and helping you escape the mental traps that may have held you back in the past.

Reconnecting with your sexuality and partner

Many people carry the scars of a difficult sexual past. And, most of us come to sex with a range of unspoken assumptions about what’s normal, healthy, or desirable in bed. 

Differences or miscommunications around these assumptions can threaten to come between you and your partner, damaging your sexual confidence and compromising the emotional safety of your relationship.

Are you ready to clear away the complications around your sex life, and embrace a new period of intimacy and fulfillment with your partner? The start of a new year is a great time to visit and attend to foundational aspects of our lives and mental health like sexual intimacy and self-actualization.

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