Children come with their own personalities, strengths, and challenges. As parents our love is unlimited, but we quickly find limits to our parenting. At Nugent we understand how rewarding it is to be a parent. We also know that it is one of the most difficult aspects of your life and sometimes you need help. Parenting counseling can help give you the playbook your children didn’t come with.  

Positive parenting looks different in every family. Helping a child with their unique personality and hurdles requires parents and therapists working together. In counseling for kids, we suit you with the best therapy for ADHD, Autism Spectral Disorder, and other behavioral issues. Play therapy is a key tool to help you communicate while preventing and resolving psychosocial challenges. You can look forward to better social integration, growth, and development for your child.

In providing therapy for teens there is a broad spectrum of concerns to be considered. Counseling for self-esteem can lead to improved social skills and bully prevention. During this vital time of life adolescents often struggle with anger management which inhibits their school and home life. Counseling for depression and anxiety will also put your teen on the right road to dealing with their issues in a healthy way that will benefit them their whole life.

Parent counseling can benefit all parents including single parents, divorcing parents and blended families.  These challenging times are when it is especially important for parents to communicate well and be united in their expectations. That can be extremely hard while under so much under stress. Therapy can help you navigate these complex conditions and leave you more confident and prepared. The time you have with your child is limited. Parenting support will help you make sure the time you do have is well spent.