Dr Zainab Malik

MD, Psychiatrist

Dr Zainab Malik headshot
Dr Zainab Malik MD, Psychiatrist

I am a board-certified, adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist. I completed my psychiatry residency at Duke university and Child psychiatry fellowship at University of California, Davis.

I have a special interest in the impact of cultural factors on presentation/symptoms of psychiatric disorders. I like to use an individualized approach in the evaluation and management of patients, while implementing evidence based care. Psychoeducation and informational care are essential components of my practice.

I offer assessment and management of various psychiatric illnesses, including mood and anxiety disorders, PTSD, OCD and ADHD.

In addition to a thorough clinical evaluation, I try to obtain history and collateral from relevant sources (such as family/school/work/therapist) when available, as this can help in diagnostic clarification.

I strive to maintain a good work life balance and enjoy watching sitcoms, reading, spending time with family and going on walks with my dog.