Robin Rife

MA, MFTi #MI4101

Robin Rife headshot
Robin Rife MA, MFTi #MI4101

I truly love human beings and have always been passionate about the study of human behavior. I want to know why we do the things we do. It’s been my life’s work to relate to and help others understand themselves and their values so each can live more intentionally. The process of “good” therapy provides a safe, empathic space to explore all of what makes you, you. It determines what areas of growth might  positively impact your current life circumstances. I believe we inherently have the capability to navigate our life events but we often don’t know how to begin or access our strengths. The therapeutic process has provided me a safe space with which to examine my own behavior and access what is most valuable and important for me to live my best life. If you are looking for some help for yourself and/or in your relationships I commend you for taking the first step. The ability to be open, vulnerable and willing to ask for help are the first ingredients needed to support positive change.

My approach is to build an alliance and collaborate with you in order to support your personal growth. I provide a safe, compassionate, nonjudgmental environment with which to explore your challenges and your belief systems that may be keeping you “stuck.” It’s important to note we all have unfinished business and not one of us has it all together. We so often judge ourselves as inadequate based on how we feel internally and we are constantly comparing ourselves to our “perceptions of others.’ Good therapy provides a safe reprieve from the outside world and a training ground to build habits which help you heal.

Prior to working in mental health agencies, I worked as a school counselor and educator. I understand human development and family systems and recognize we each learn from the environments and attachments we experienced. My educational background, professional training, and life experiences provide a broad base for me to address each client, couple or family uniquely. My passion and experience allows me to be a competent helper, and I promise to give you my best. Supervised by Meri Shadley, MFT # 0076.

Robin supports and services clients in our Reno office. Please call or book an appointment today.