Conflict is a reality in any healthy relationship. Disagreements are often evidence that couples, groups and families are working and growing together. When conflicts get to a point that they are destructive or causing hostility, a therapist’s help can be beneficial. Relationship counseling can help turn struggles into what makes your relationship stronger.

Strain can come from ineffective communication, health challenges, differences in parenting, expectations or more severe stressors like infidelity or serious health issues. No matter where the conflicts come from, how you resolve them is what’s critical. Relationship counseling can teach you how to keep disagreements and conversations productive. When you are focusing on resolutions and goal setting rather than the other person, that’s when progress can come. Skills like reflective listening, sharing what you are hearing from the other person before you react, and pausing when conversations escalate into anger are skills you will learn and practice.

Counseling for relationships can be short-term or long-term, depending on your needs. With the help of a therapist you can remove resentment and contempt that will reduce the frequency and severity of arguments. By addressing the real problems we can help you build your relationship to a strong enough place that you are confident when a disagreement does arise.