Anger Management

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If you struggle to control angry emotions and it’s negatively affecting interpersonal relationships, your job, or school, mental health experts at Nugent Family Counseling Center with locations in San Jose, California, Los Gatos, California, and Reno, Nevada have solutions. They offer anger management counseling to help you thrive in everyday situations. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online to get started today.

What is anger management?

Anger is a strong emotion that is sometimes difficult to control. Anger issues can negatively impact many aspects of your life, including your job, school, marriage, and interpersonal relationships. Treatment with specialists at Nugent Family Counseling Center helps you overcome uncontrollable anger problems.

What are signs of anger management problems?

Everybody gets angry from time to time, but extreme anger you can’t control is problematic. Signs you may have anger management issues include:

  • Frequent emotional outbursts
  • Violent aggression
  • Persistent feelings of frustration
  • Relationship problems
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Problems with the law
  • Career problems

Treatment with specialists at Nugent Family Counseling Center helps you turn angry emotions into controlled feelings.

How are anger problems diagnosed?

To diagnose anger problems and develop a treatment plan, the Nugent Family Counseling Center team reviews your symptoms, medical history, and asks questions about your lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, and career.

They complete a physical exam and psychiatric evaluation, and tailor anger management treatments to match your personalized needs.

What should I expect during anger management treatment?

The Nugent Family Counseling Center team offers the following during anger management treatment sessions:


During anger management counseling at Nugent Family Counseling Center, your therapist discovers the root cause of your frustrations. They work with you to pinpoint anger triggers from a distance, finding ways to avoid or better cope with them and prevent angry outbursts. 

The Nugent Family Counseling Center team helps you feel empowered physically and mentally to take control of unexpected situations. Upon doing so, people around you feel safe and comfortable, improving interpersonal relationships and your overall quality of life.


In addition to anger management therapy at Nugent Family Counseling Center, psychiatrists also offer prescription medications to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. Your provider will work with you to find a medication regimen that’s right for you.


Neurofeedback uses innovative, computer-assisted technology to map out and better balance your brain’s electrical energy to improve your mood. Each 30-minute session is comfortable, relaxing, and painless.


Aromatherapy can improve your overall health and mental well-being. It helps relax you and can ease depression, anxiety, and stress naturally to reduce angry outbursts and other symptoms of anger problems. 

Don’t let angry emotions get the best of you when effective treatments are available at Nugent Family Counseling Center. Schedule an appointment by phone or book online to find out if you’re a candidate for anger management treatment.