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A new way to improve your life and make a difference from home. 

Home Train

You’re struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, ADHD, or any number of things that stop you from living your life. You have issues with sleep and now because of everything your schooling or work is jeopardized. You have tried therapy and medication and the success has been minimal. On top of it all, you are unable to find the time to make it to the clinic office to get treatment

Nugent Family Counseling is providing Home Training, which is an effective and convenient way to train your brain to help reduce those negative symptoms.  We have a user-friendly, easy-to-use, supervised, and supported at-home system.

Why consider Neurofeedback?

Medication is an option, many choose it to help their lives or reduce the negatives. Medication, especially when treating brain-based struggles, only masks symptoms. The underlying concerns linger because the root cause is not addressed. For many, the deeper root cause is brainwave(s) dysregulation.

Training at Home

This allows for EEG Neurofeedback to be done at home. The system helps the brain learn and change through positive reinforcement that can be lasting. This state-of-the-art option is a long-term benefit that will continue after training. How is this different from medication you may ask?  Medication creates a chemical change in the brain but does not teach the brain how to be different.  With medication, the problems often recur when stopped.

The advantages of training at home include training in your own space, scheduling any time of the day, avoiding additional travel to appointments, and the potential to maximize the use of the system with unlimited training options. If you have multiple family members who would benefit, they can be added to the program. 


All information is set up online in a secured client portal and monitored by our expert clinical team.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Clients receive step-by-step instructions each time they train. Our system provides clear communication on how to do the setup and connect correctly for your customized and individuated program.

Train Your Brain Any Time & Any Place!

The advantages of training at home include training in your own personal space or location. With no set appointments, you can train any time and don’t have to waste time traveling to an office.

Want to Train the Whole Family?

No Problem! If you have family members who want to train, we can add multiple users to your existing plan.

Have questions about the process?

For further information about home Neurofeedback or in-office Neurofeedback at any of our locations please call: San Jose, CA Main Line – 408-341-9222