Sexual energy is a strong force. It can affect your mood, thoughts, and overall happiness. As such an important factor in our lives, there is no shame in seeking help. Our therapists are trained in helping people re-establish or enhance their enjoyment of sex. We address the real issues so you get results that last.

Sexual problems are common and can arise from many different sources. Our model for sexuality develops from childhood and continues to develop our whole lives. If you are struggling with anxiety about sex, body-image issues, loneliness, or other personal issues, therapy can help. By removing emotional barriers we can bring confidence and fulfillment to your life.

Children recovering from sexual abuse or assault need professional help.  Therapists at Nugent have experience in sexual abuse counseling for children and also bring a level of compassion and empathy that is unmatched. Our office is a safe place that treats our clients both psychologically and physically. We tenderly discuss traumatic experiences and bring hope that recovery is possible.

Couples sex counseling is a wonderful opportunity to become more unified and connected in sexual intimacy with your partner. We help remove negative feelings and conflicting desires. When you are willing to talk openly about problems relief will come with enhancement of your sexual experiences.