Spiritual therapy can blend both worlds of science and the spirit to offer relief and understanding. Nugent is unique in our welcoming of spiritual guidance and Christian counseling. No matter your beliefs our therapists will connect with you and offer treatment for your mind and body.  Often the spiritual crisis you are experiencing can be understood by a professional with an empathetic perspective to bring you healing and growth.

People often turn to religion to seek guidance and counsel. These are many of the reasons people also seek therapy. By utilizing both fields you and your therapist can find a path to healing and happiness. Spirituality is largely immeasurable and highly personal but can be a source of strength during everyday life and challenges. A therapist can assist you in the process of more deeply understanding your spiritual self and ways to utilize your beliefs.

When clients are experiencing a spiritual crisis we go to work first understanding what they believe and how those beliefs are helping or hindering their life. We will guide you to look towards your own nature and your conscious and unconscious mind. We may encourage you to connect with others in your religion or spiritual community for ongoing support. A therapist willing to address spiritual issues may be able to provide greater healing and support. We are here to help you enhance the benefits you feel from your spiritual beliefs and practices. We work promptly to help you feel balanced, more deeply understanding of your spiritual self, and renewed.