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Everyone experiences loss and its subsequent grief in their own way. No matter what you may hear, there’s no step-by-step process or time frame to follow. When your grief becomes overwhelming or lasts beyond a few months, however, the compassionate therapists at Nugent Family Counseling Center can help you walk through your emotions and begin the recovery process. To schedule an appointment, call one of the offices in San Jose, California, Los Gatos, California, and Reno, Nevada, or book online today.

What defines grief and loss?

Grief is a natural reaction to any type of loss. Coping with the death of a loved one causes intense pain, but you can grieve many different losses and significant life changes, including:

  • Loss of a relationship
  • Loss of health
  • Loss of a job
  • Loss of financial stability
  • Miscarriage or stillborn baby
  • Loss of a friendship
  • Loss of safety after a traumatic event
  • Selling the family home
  • Death of a pet

The process of grieving is different for each person, and there isn’t a typical time table. Some people start to feel better in weeks, while others take months or years. When you can’t seem to overcome the pain and sadness, it’s time to consider getting help at Nugent Family Counseling Center.

What feelings will I experience during grief and loss?

You expect to feel sadness, but many people don’t realize they may experience a wide range of emotions as they grieve, such as:

  • Shock
  • Anger
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Disbelief
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness

Grief affects your physical health, as well. You may have a hard time sleeping or eating, and the stress can easily wear down your immune system.

What is prolonged grief?

About one in ten people experience prolonged, intense grief that lasts longer than a year. During this time, your ongoing grief may cause a preoccupation with your lost loved one and a deep yearning to be reunited with them. People with prolonged grief typically can’t enjoy happy memories of their loved ones.

You may also develop a deep depression, isolate yourself from family and friends, and stop pursuing the activities you once enjoyed. When your grief doesn’t show signs of improving, help is available at Nugent Family Counseling Center.

What should I expect during therapy to help with grief and loss?

Your therapist at Nugent Family Counseling Center can help you work through overwhelming feelings and give you healthy ways to cope with the pain. The goal of grief counseling is not to hasten the process. Instead, you’ll receive the support you need to experience your emotions and move forward at your pace.

Your therapist supports your mental and physical needs, helping you find ways to relax and to nurture your wellbeing with recommendations to improve your sleep or eating habits. Your therapy also includes treatment for depression, anxiety, and anger. 

Your therapist may also recommend neurofeedback, a noninvasive treatment that relieves depression and stress by balancing your brain’s electrical activity. 

To get help with grief and loss, call one of the Nugent Family Counseling Center offices or book an appointment online today.