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Spiritual counseling offers guidance when you question your spirituality or start to doubt your values and beliefs. Additionally, including your spirituality as an integral part of therapy for other mental health or life concerns provides greater healing and support. The licensed therapists at Nugent Family Counseling Center, with offices in San Jose, California, Los Gatos, California, and Reno, Nevada, welcome the opportunity to treat your mind and body by providing spiritual guidance and Christian counseling. To schedule an appointment, call the office that’s most convenient for you or book online today.

What is spiritual counseling?

Your spirituality enables personal growth and is linked to your life goals and happiness. When you enter a spiritual crisis and start to question your beliefs and the deeper meaning of your life, it has an intense impact on your psychological and physical wellbeing.

The therapists at Nugent Family Counseling Center offer spiritual counseling to guide and support you when you face a crisis. Whether your spirituality focuses on a religion or a philosophy, they connect with you and offer treatment for your mind, soul, and body.

Their empathetic perspective helps you find a path to healing and a return to the spirituality that gives you the strength to meet challenges. Through spiritual counseling, you’ll better understand the beliefs that guide your life.

When should I seek spiritual counseling?

People seek spiritual counseling for many personal reasons, but many want support while they explore and define their spirituality. Some patients decide to have spiritual counseling when they need help solving a problem in their life, and they want their decision to follow their spiritual beliefs.

You may desire spiritual counseling when you:

  • Feel empty
  • Feel anxious
  • Lose your inner peace
  • Feel the need to improve
  • Feel uninterested in life
  • Lose self-compassion
  • Can’t forgive yourself
  • Lack of a sense of belonging

In many cases, patients with an illness, depression, or who are grieving the loss of a loved one enter a spiritual crisis and need the support of a spiritual counselor.

What should I expect during spiritual counseling?

Your therapist at Nugent Family Counseling Center first seeks to understand what you believe and how those beliefs help or hinder your life. During your counseling, they guide you toward renewing your own nature and regaining your sense of purpose. 

As you may enhance your spirituality through connection with others, they may encourage you to find or reconnect with others in your spiritual community or religion.

With the help of spiritual counseling, you’ll feel balanced, gain a deeper understanding of your spiritual self, and restore spirituality as a source of strength and meaning in your daily life. 

Depending on your individual mental health and physical needs, your spiritual counseling may also include treatments such as aromatherapy or neurofeedback, an innovative treatment that balances your brain activity.

To learn more about spiritual counseling or to schedule an appointment, call Nugent Family Counseling Center, or book online today.